Virtual Training

Each of us has a body with its own unique abilities. Appetites and aptitudes. Sticking points, weak points, and frustrating challenges.

As trainers, we see every challenge as an opportunity. Through movement assessment, specific exercise prescription, and careful cuing, we are experts in helping you make mechanical adjustments that mean your body can move more comfortably and effectively. We help you understand how to workout and more specifically how to move during those workouts (posture/position, specific muscle activation, and intensity) so that you move better, feel great, AND get results.

Exercise is for everybody. But knowing how to exercise your body will make a huge difference - in how you feel, in how you perform, in how you look.

What should I expect?

Two trainers at the Adelaide Club

We hear from so many, that you miss the structure, accountability, and results you were getting when the Clubs were open. Whether you had an in-Club trainer before COVID or not – now is your time: Your time to get back on track. Your time to get serious about your fitness and health. Your time to let us take care of YOU.

This program will allow you to connect with one of our remarkable trainers from anywhere - your home, the cottage, your backyard...the possibilities are endless.

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Your First Session

Your first session is on us.

Let us bring one of our remarkable trainers virtually into your home. Let us  understand your hopes and goals, your challenges and frustrations. Let us watch you move so we can better understand what you need so you can – with confidence – charge forward towards those goals, towards that dream.

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Your Second Session

In the second session, we will take you through your workout - one we have designed just for you.

Knowing your body, your space, equipment, and goals, we design a specific strength and mobility program. Then, we teach you how to do these exercises.

Then, we let you play for a few days or for a few weeks. You and your trainer can decide the right timing for you.

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Your Third Session

Session three: we fly back in.

You go through your workout and let us know how it’s working. We tweak, correct, perfect your form, so now you’ve got these vital movements more ingrained. Your brain-body connection is getting stronger and these new neuro-muscular patterns are becoming more natural, more innate.  

I was skeptical about what a trainer could add remotely.

"I'd been working out on my own since the gym closed and felt like I was doing OK - not as good as 'live' sessions with my trainer but still beneficial - and I was skeptical about what a trainer could add remotely. As I worked through my exercises, it quickly became apparent that my trainer had no problem assessing my form through a camera. Her cuing and positioning directions resulted in a much more effective workout than I was getting alone, and it was safer too. For me, booking a Virtual Training session creates a higher level of motivation and commitment than just a 'soft' intention to do another solo workout, which had started to feel quite old and boring. I'd love to get back to live training in the gym but, until we can do that, I think Virtual Training is the way to go."

James McLeodTAC Member

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