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Join us with our new Virtually Active Membership.

This program gives you exclusive access to a number of incredible virtual offerings only provided to our Members. Additionally, you will receive VIP access to the Club's reopening, including special joining benefits.

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What's Included?

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Live Workouts

For many of us, we've lacked the necessary motivation to get our workouts in lately. That's why we've got a talented roster of the city's top fitness professionals leading workouts from home every day. Our Virtually Active Members will receive front of the line access to register for our live workouts.

Whether you're looking for a high intensity training class, a cardiovascular workout on your indoor bike, or simply want to learn the foundations of a good yoga practice, we've got a live workout for you.

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Virtual Workout Library

What if your Zoom meeting happens to coincide with the live workout you were hoping to join? All Virtual Active Members will have complete access to our online virtual library of pre-recorded workouts, including: cardio, strength, yoga, Pilates, HIIT, and more. 

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Virtual Personal Training

We may not be able to train together at the Club right now, but that doesn't mean we can't bring the training directly to you. Our Virtual Active Members will receive preferred access to Toronto's top Personal Training team for 1:1 sessions, designed to motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals. Training programs can be designed for everyone - from beginner to advanced workouts.

Virtually active members will receive a complimentary virtual training session with one of our incredible Personal Trainers. Click here to learn more about our Virtually Training program.

Man doing a leg workout, leaning on his couch

No Equipment Necessary

Don't have all the equipment you think you need for a good workout? All of our live workouts can be done without equipment or with items you already have lying around your house. Our team of fitness professionals won't let a lack of equipment get in the way of helping you achieve your fitness goals. If you are interested in adding some equipment to your workout, we have Strength, Yoga, and Pilates kits available for purchase.

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Lifestyle Blogs

Our team has created daily lifestyle blogs filled to the brim with fitness tips, reminders about the day's live workouts, healthy (and not so healthy) recipes, and more. Emails will be delivered directly to your inbox each morning - the perfect start to any day.

Man watching a webinar on his laptop

Wellness Webinars

Our team of Health Clinic Practitioners and fitness experts have created educational wellness webinars focusing on decreasing stress, weight loss, improving your overall health and wellbeing, and more. As Virtual Active Members, you'll have access to join these interesting webinars.

Virtually Active Memberships
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